Why is my Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working (How To Fix )

Why is my Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working (How To Fix ) |

Whirlpool is a well-liked model of fridges. People like that their ice makers make loads of frozen water with out them having to fret about ice dice plates. Having ice cubes shut at hand makes sizzling summer season days extra enjoyable.

So, what occurs when you discover your Whirlpool ice maker not working? In some circumstances, you don’t must be an skilled to unravel an issue. Many issues can go incorrect with an ice maker, similar to a jam, a water filter that must be changed, or the ice maker is turned off.

But the reality is that ice makers don’t final perpetually and have to be modified typically. Repairing or changing a fridge can value tons of to hundreds of {dollars}. Thanks to Cinch House Services, you possibly can pay somewhat cash to guard your own home. So let’s get began.

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What are some frequent Whirlpool ice maker issues and options?

Most issues with a fridge’s ice maker may be tied again to some fundamental elements, such because the water valves and contours, the water filter, the ice maker management arm, the temperatures within the completely different compartments, the ice bin, and extra. Click on one of many matters under to learn to repair issues together with your whirlpool ice maker.

Why is my Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working?

If your whirlpool ice maker doesn’t work, it could really feel like a waste of invaluable room in your fridge or freezer. Check out a number of the common causes listed under, which can assist you to decide why your whirlpool ice maker stopped working proper or isn’t making sufficient ice. There are additionally some easy fixes you possibly can attempt on your self.

Clogged water filter

Problem: Your filter works laborious to assist scale back contaminants in your water, however over time it could get clogged up with the bits it catches. If the filter is jammed, much less water can attain the ice maker. It can sluggish or cease the ice maker from making ice.

Solution: Make certain to alter the water filter in your fridge each six months, and look out for indicators that the filter is getting previous. Some indicators are water or ice that tastes odd, water that comes out slowly, black spots in water or ice, and little or no ice manufacturing.

Defective water inlet valve

Problem: If your water filter is updated, it could possibly be the water entry valve in your ice maker. When the water strain is proper, the valve opens and closes to let water into the ice maker. If the strain on a valve is lower than 20 kilos per sq. inch (psi), it received’t be sturdy sufficient to let the correct amount of water from the ice maker.

Solution: First, use your instruments or ask knowledgeable to test the water circulation into the valve. If the strain is excessive sufficient, at the very least 20 psi, it’s possible you’ll want to alter the water inlet valve.

Refrigerator or freezer compartment is too heat

Problem: If the fridge or freezer temperature is set too excessive, your ice maker could also be unable to maintain up with the quantity of ice it is imagined to make. It may result in sluggish ice manufacturing, too small cubes, or no ice manufacturing in any respect.

Solution: Check the temperature of the fridge and freezer. The freezer must be set to 0°F (-18°C), and the fridge temperature is someplace within the vary of   33–40°F (0–4°C).

Control arm mispositioned

Problem: In some fashions, the ice maker’s management arm is an enormous plastic or steel deal with on the facet or prime of the ice bin. It measures how a lot ice is within the bin and stops making ice when it is full. If the management arm comes unfastened, breaks, or will get pushed into the “off” place by probability, it may cease making ice.

Solution: Make certain the management arm is within the “on” place by checking it. If the arm appears unfastened, tighten it. If the arm is absolutely damaged, name knowledgeable.

Frozen water inlet tube

Problem: A frozen water line can occur when the temperature within the freezer or fridge is too low, or the insulation across the water line isn’t doing its job to maintain it from freezing.

Solution: The water line is behind the whirlpool ice maker, so accessing it usually requires eradicating the ice bin and maker. You can use heat water or air to unfreeze the pipe at residence, however it’s greatest to let knowledgeable do it as a result of they’ve particular instruments that make the job simpler.

Whirlpool Ice maker is making ice, however is not meting out

It can’t be very nice when the ice bin is full, and the dispenser received’t offer you ice cubes. Some of the most typical causes and attainable methods to repair them are:

Ice clump within the bin

Problem: The auger contained in the bin of your ice maker is meant to interrupt up items of ice that kind, however when you use your ice maker sparingly, the ice could get too large for the drill to deal with. It is most likely why your ice maker makes a loud grinding sound if you attempt to use it.

Solution: Small chunks of ice may be eliminated or taken out together with your arms, however bigger or extra strong chunks could have to be faraway from the ice bin and absolutely melted.

Ice clump within the chute

Problem: Ice that comes out at odd angles can briefly block the chute, and massive chunks that aren’t damaged up sufficient can utterly block it. Bend down and thoroughly look into the chute to see if ice is caught within the pump.

Solution: If you see a bunch of unfastened cubes, transfer them to get them to fall out. If the ice within the tube appears caught, put a catch beneath the dispenser and let the ice soften. If the ice is chipped away, it helps hold the chute from getting dinged up or damaged.

Frozen auger motor

Problem: Ice makers that don’t get used a lot could have elements that freeze over, just like the auger motor behind the freezer wall. If the drill is frozen, it may not transfer new cubes towards the chute, so that you would possibly solely have the ability to get a couple of cubes earlier than the ice maker stops making ice.  

Solution: Defrosting the auger motor may be laborious on the motor, and the melting moisture could injury it, so it’s greatest to name knowledgeable for assist getting all the things again to regular.

The ice maker is making an excessive amount of ice

Ice maker management arms are made to sense when the ice bin is full and cease making ice on the proper time. If the ice bin is overflowing, this might imply that one thing is incorrect. As you determine why your ice maker is making an excessive amount of ice, it could assist to show it on and off as wanted to cease it from overflowing. The excellent news is that the explanations for and options to overproduction are sometimes simple.

Ice bin isn’t positioned appropriately

Problem: An incorrect ice bin could trigger ice to overlook the bucket when it’s ejected from the mildew, giving the looks of ice overflowing.

Solution: Double-check the bin’s location, guaranteeing it’s positioned appropriately to catch any ice from the mildew above.

Broken management arm

Problem: Your ice maker’s management arm doubtless seems like a big plastic or steel deal with that rests on the facet or prime of the ice 

bin and is designed to lift or sense the ice stage and shut the ice maker off as soon as the bin is full. A damaged or broken management arm could not sign the ice maker to cease ice manufacturing, leaving you with extra cubes to wash up.

Solution: Check that the management arm is firmly connected and has no breaks or cracks. If it seems damaged, contact knowledgeable to assist diagnose, change, or restore it.

Missing shelf

Problem: Some fridge fashions could require a shelf designed to raise the ice bin and support the management arm in judging the ice stage within the bin. You could expertise an over-active ice maker in case your fridge lacks this shelf.

Solution: Check your consumer handbook or use and care information to make sure all shelving is accounted for in your fridge, and speak to your producer when you want a alternative.

The ice has an odd style

Ice maker management arms are made to sense when the ice bin is full and cease making ice on the proper time. If the ice bin is overflowing, this might imply that one thing is incorrect. As you determine why your ice maker is making an excessive amount of ice, it could assist to show it on and off as wanted to cease it from overflowing. The excellent news is that the explanations for and options to overproduction are sometimes simple.

Expired water filter

Problem: A worn-out water filter is some of the frequent causes ice and water style humorous. The filter catches grime and mud, but when it isn’t taken care of correctly, it may get too stuffed with grime and mud to do its job nicely. Your filter is vital to make sure your water provide doesn’t give your ice unusual tastes.

Solution: Change your water filter each six months as a traditional upkeep activity to keep away from the unusual style and contaminants that include previous water filters.

Old ice cubes

Problem: Ice within the freezer for a very long time is extra more likely to be contaminated than ice that has simply been put in. Ice that has picked up smells from meals within the fridge or freezer may also go unhealthy.

Solution: Try dumping previous ice and steadily rotate ice from the ice maker when you don’t plan to make use of it frequently.

Poorly wrapped freezer gadgets

Problem: Placing poorly wrapped meals within the freezer, particularly subsequent to the ice bin, permits ice to soak up probably potent odors as meals goes from recent to frozen.

Solution: Use freezer-friendly provides for packaging and wrapping frozen meals to assist make sure that frozen meals maintains its high quality longer and that ice cubes are spared publicity to odors.

The ice maker is leaking

A leaking ice maker may drip into the ice bin and trigger clumps of ice to kind, or it may leak out of the fridge or freezer and make a puddled mess on the ground under. Some of the most typical the explanation why a fridge’s ice maker leaks and attainable methods to repair it are:

Jammed ice clumps

Problem: Ice clumps can kind within the ice bin or the dispenser chute for numerous causes, which can end in a leak when compartment temperatures fluctuate, or ice within the chute is available in contact with hotter air outdoors the fridge.

Solution: Gently break up blockages with a protracted plastic or wood deal with, like a spatula, for hard-to-reach locations. Some ice clumps could also be too massive or lodged to interrupt up with out damaging the unit. In this case, take away and defrost the ice bin or, if ice is lodged within the dispenser, place a towel and dish under the chute and permit the ice to thaw naturally.

Unlevel fridge or ice maker

Problem: Ice in your fridge could soften barely when there’s fluctuation in temperature inside the compartment. An unbalanced fridge can stop melted ice from accessing the drain supposed to hold it away, which can end in leaky water pooling within the ice bin or touring outdoors of the realm.

Solution: First, use a leveler to make sure the ice maker flooring is stage. If the outcomes present any misalignment, it’s possible you’ll have to reinstall the ice maker to make sure it’s stage or modify the fridge ft if all the unit is unlevel.

Misaligned fill valve and cup

Problem: A water spigot close to the tray fills the ice trays or cups constructed into your ice maker. If the stopper and fill cup are misaligned, water could not make it into the fill cup and can leak immediately into the ice maker. This water swimming pools and should leak out of the bin earlier than it could freeze.

Solution: Locate your ice maker’s fill valve and test that the fill cup is aligned immediately under the stopper of the valve.

The ice maker is making ice cubes which are too small

Most of the time, empty or small ice cubes are attributable to two fundamental issues: water circulation and temperature settings within the freezer or fridge. Common the explanation why ice cubes are small and the best way to repair them are:

Poor water circulation

Problem: Poor water circulation to the ice maker could stop the trays from filling, leading to small, hole, or odd-shaped cubes.

Solution: A handful of causes could contribute to poor water circulation, however you possibly can anticipate a comparatively easy repair with every. First, ensure that your water filter is updated to assist keep away from clogs that scale back water circulation. Next, double-check that the fridge water line behind the fridge isn’t kinked or twisted. Lastly, use a leveler to make sure your fridge and ice maker are stage so water distributes evenly all through the ice tray.

Improper temperatures

Problem: Your ice maker could need assistance to maintain up with its supposed manufacturing price when the fridge or freezer temperatures are set too excessive, however temperatures too low may also result in small or hole cubes. Freezer temperatures under -10°F may cause ice cubes to freeze too rapidly on the surface, which can set off the thermostat within the ice maker to eject the cubes earlier than they’ve change into utterly strong within the center.

Solution: Keep your fridge and freezer temperatures at their optimum settings, guaranteeing that the freezer is set to 0°F (-18°C) and the fridge temperature is someplace within the vary of 33–40°F (0–4°C).

The ice maker itself is frozen

When large ice-chunks block your view, determining why your ice maker is stopped may be laborious. Luckily, it could take a while to seek out and repair the issues listed under.

Refrigerator temperature too low

Problem: A fridge with freezing temperatures could trigger the water inlet tube feeding your ice maker to freeze, making it troublesome for liquid to move by and fill the ice trays. You could expertise this extra usually throughout uniquely chilly occasions of the 12 months.

Solution: Set your fridge’s thermostat anyplace from 33–40°F (0–4°C) and your freezer’s thermostat to 0°F (-18°C). Give each compartments 24 hours to determine their new temperature and thaw the ice maker and inlet tube.  

Frozen water inlet tube

Problem: It is attainable that even fridges or freezers set to the correct temperature can undergo from a frozen water inlet tube, shutting the ice maker down earlier than it could even get began.

Solution: The water inlet tube is situated on the rear of the ice maker and may be defrosted with heat air or water. Though you could possibly unfreeze the waterline your self, it’s greatest to go away it as much as knowledgeable to assist diagnose and restore the issue.

Not certain the best way to repair your Whirlpool ice maker?

If you’re nonetheless wrestling with a defective ice maker, it could be time to name a restore service or get your producer concerned. For Whirlpool® Refrigerators, reap the benefits of on-line assets like Whirlpool Customer Care or schedule a restore on-line.

How a lot do ice-maker repairs value?

HomeAdvisor says in case your fridge ice machine breaks down, the common refrigerator-repair service value for an ice maker is between $90 and $250, relying on the particular subject. To change a complete ice maker would value between $300 and $420, though it could possibly be a lot greater with some trendy stand-alone fashions.

However, changing the ice maker is nonetheless cheaper than changing all the fridge, which prices $1,500 on common.

Specific common ice-maker equipment restore prices embody:

  • Water line: $100 to $200
  • Water inlet valve: $150 to $200
  • Ice-maker motor: $100 to $350
  • Drive blade: $85 to $150
  • Filter: $85 to $250


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