Where’s the Spatter?? Ten TV Tropes that Drive a Crime Writer CRAAAZY

Where’s the Spatter? 10 TV Tropes that Drive a Crime Writer Crazy

Where’s the Spatter?? Ten TV Tropes that Drive a Crime Writer CRAAAZY

by Melodie Campbell

I’m a crime author. Hell, I’ll placed on my different hat (the one with the pointy high) and say it. I’ve additionally been a fantasy author (similar pen title, totally different style.)

So I learn about suspension of disbelief. I’m prepared to confess that as an viewers, we’d comply with ‘suspend belief’ for a short time, no less than whereas studying fantasy.

But cop reveals?  Enough is sufficient. Television, you go too far. I did a little ballot of crime author mates and former cops to give you a few pet peeves.  CSI Hoboken, or wherever you’re, take be aware.

Here are some issues that drive in any other case pretty regular crime writers (oxymoron alert) loopy:

Where's the Spatter? 10 TV Tropes that Drive a Crime Writer Crazy crazy 2

  1. Crime scene folks in excessive heels and uncooked cleavage.

Of all the !@#$%^&* issues that tv distorts, that is the one that bugs us the most. Ever been on a crime scene? Ever been in a LAB?

For six years, I used to be Director of Marketing for the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science. I’ve been in a friggin’ lab or two. Take it from me: it ain’t a place for date-night sneakers, down-to-there cleavage, and lengthy free hair. You need my DNA messing along with your crime outcomes?

Network producers, cease treating us like ignorant adolescents who should be sexually charged each single second. Stop. Just cease. It’s insulting

And on that be aware:

  1. Jurors and attorneys and/or the defendant flirt.

I hate this.  Not solely is it often abominably sexist (feminine with gravity-defying cleavage and no mind, as a result of truthfully, making an attempt it on throughout a trial with a full viewers of attorneys, cops and jurors doesn’t appear a tad apparent?) however a actual choose will toss you out in your keister so quick you’ll dislodge these implants.

  1. Crime scene techs that do the stuff detectives ought to be doing.

I do know a few cops.  As a crime author, I depend upon them to offer me the actual dust on how issues are executed.  Turnabout, they are often fairly eager to inform me when writers get issues fallacious.  And consider me, they turn into considerably cantankerous about reveals the place the techs do all the fixing and the detectives are form of window dressing.  Especially when the producers don’t even spring for a full gown (be aware cleavage above.)

  1. Attorneys (protection or prosecution) who yell at judges about how unfair they’re.

THIS NEVER EVER HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. Mainly, as a result of it’s a actually good solution to get to spend the evening in jail. Secondly, since you’re gonna must work with that choose once more, and that choose will always remember it.

  1. Loose proof mendacity round the courtroom and/or the clerk of courtroom’s workplace the place anybody can cease and get a have a look at it.

Ditto, proof that will get swiped from the police station, by somebody aside from police.  Because, ya know, they simply let anybody stroll throughout the place unescorted.  Especially above females with gravity-defying cleavage.  (Like she wouldn’t have an entourage…)

  1. Gunshot victims who give their final speech after which die, Kerplunk.

Full disclosure: I used to be additionally a hospital director at an inner-city web site, with an emerg room that might have been plucked from The Sopranos. People who get hit with a bullet to the coronary heart die, kerplunk. They aren’t hanging round to offer their final phrases. People who get hit in the intestine could take a number of hours to die. It’s not a fairly sight. Take it from me: in the finish, they aren’t often considering sentimental ideas.

  1. Cops that can’t hit a barn door

Okay, that is arms down the pet peeve of each cop I do know.  Bad man is cornered, working away, twenty cops firing at him, and never a single bullet scratches the man.  Everybody’s firing pistols like Yosemite Sam in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Not positive how they do issues in the States (I’m in Canada,) however my late husband was the chief engineer on the design of a main police/hearth coaching facility up right here in Toronto 5 years in the past.  It had state of the artwork rifle vary, plus a simulation constructing for shootout and bomb squad coaching.

Our guys and gals know learn how to hit what they intention at.  Enough with the Keystone Cops.

  1. Heroes that land on their toes and maintain working after leaping from a 4-story constructing.

Listen.  I defy you to leap six toes down from a yard deck with out saying Ouch! (or cheap facsimile) and rolling in agony.  Try it someday.  I did final summer time.

My private favorite:

  1. Where’s the blood spatter?

If you stab somebody whereas they’re nonetheless residing and respiratory, there’s going to be blood spatter. Usually, that spatter will go throughout the stabber. So sorry, producers: your unhealthy man is just not going to stroll away immaculate from a crime scene wherein he simply offed any individual with a steak knife. You received’t want Lassie to search out him in a crowd, consider me.


  1. Villains who do their ‘Fat Lady Sings’ pontification.

Why does each villain in TV-town delay killing the good man so he can inform the soon-to-be-dead schmuck his life story? Or vice versa.  I imply, the schmuck goes to be offed in two minutes, proper? You’re going to plug him. So why is it necessary that he know why you hate your mom and the universe basically?

Someday, I’m going to put in writing a e book/script the place a man will get cornered and earlier than he can say a phrase, this occurs:


The smoking gun fell to my aspect as Snidely dropped to the flooring.

“Dudley!” gasped Nell. “You didn’t give him a chance to explain!”

I yawned. “Bor-ing. All these villains go to the same school. You heard one, you’ve heard them all.”

“Isn’t that against the law?” stated Nell, stomping her little foot. “Don’t you have to let the bad guy have his final scene?”


The smoking gun fell to my aspect as Nell dropped to the flooring.

by Melodie Campbell (@MelodieCampbell) May 14, 2023

What about you, scriveners? Have some pet peeves with TV crime writers? Do you want your crime fiction gritty and sensible, or cold?  Do any individuals who really put on stiletto heels to work in a lab or police station?

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