Get Everything Down on Paper — ADVICE TO WRITERS

Trust Your Own Interest — ADVICE TO WRITERS

Always work (observe, write) from your individual curiosity, by no means from what you assume you need to be noting, or writing. Trust your individual curiosity. I’ve a powerful curiosity, for the time being, in Roman constructing methods, thus my notation above, taken down within the Cluny Museum in Paris. My curiosity could cross. But for the second I comply with it and revel in it, not figuring out the place it would go. Let your curiosity, and notably what you need to write about, be examined by time, not by different individuals—both actual different individuals or imagined different individuals. This is why writing workshops generally is a little harmful, it needs to be stated; even the academics or leaders of such workshops generally is a little harmful; because of this most of your studying needs to be by yourself. Other individuals are typically very certain that their opinions and their judgments are right.


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