Facebook Fined €1.2 Billion for Transferring EU User Data to the US

Facebook Fined €1.2 Billion for Transferring EU User Data to the US

Facebook Fined €1.2 Billion for Transferring EU User Data to the US

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has imposed a record-breaking positive of €1,200,000 on Meta, Facebook’s father or mother firm, for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) violations.

The violation issues Facebook’s apply of transferring the knowledge of EU-based customers on US-based servers, internet hosting that knowledge indefinitely, and processing it with out restrictions, very probably additionally sharing it with different entities.

According to the outcomes of an nearly three-year-long inquiry of the DPC into the social media platform’s knowledge switch practices, it was decided that the firm violated Article 46(1) of the GDPR. The specific article issues transfers of private knowledge to “third countries” and the want for these to present acceptable safeguards and efficient authorized treatments to the knowledge topics.

However, the U.S. doesn’t have a complete knowledge safety regulation that may be thought-about the equal of the GDPR in the nation. On the opposite, every state follows a special authorized method, setting its personal necessities and restrictions. Hence, the DPC considers transferring person knowledge to the U.S. dangerous and violates the GDPR.

The administrative positive of €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion) is a record-breaking determine, nearly double the earlier report that was Amazon’s €746 million positive imposed by Luxembourg’s knowledge safety regulator. The positive is so hefty that it contradicts the widespread view that knowledge safety laws is toothless and penalties are too small to have any impact or e actual change in how companies handle person knowledge.

Apart from the positive, the Irish DPC additionally orders Facebook to cease all violating knowledge switch actions in the subsequent 5 months and delete the knowledge of EU residents it unlawfully held on U.S. servers by November 2023.

Facebook to Appeal

In a submit responding to the €1.2 billion positive imposed by the EU, Facebook makes it clear that it intends to appeal the decision, arguing that the administrative positive and the related knowledge switch restrictions are unjust and detrimental to their European operations.

Facebook underlines that they acted in good religion through the use of Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) – a authorized software deemed dependable by European courts of legislation, and which the social media big assumed was compliant with GDPR. The similar mechanism is utilized by many organizations to carry out transatlantic knowledge transfers with out ever elevating objections from EU knowledge safety authorities.

The tech firm argues that the crux of the downside isn’t particular person privateness practices however somewhat the overarching discord between U.S. knowledge entry rules and the European emphasis on privateness rights. The impending implementation of the Data Privacy Framework (DPF) is predicted to deal with these divergences, regulating cross-border knowledge transfers whereas making certain the requisite protections are upheld inside the U.S. context.

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