Countries With the Fastest Internet Speed in the World 2023

Countries With the Fastest Internet Speed in the World 2023

  • We analyzed the nations with the world’s quickest and slowest web speeds so we might see how lengthy it could take for them to obtain a movie like The Flash 2023
  • Monaco tops the checklist as the jurisdiction with the quickest web velocity, with it taking solely slightly over 7 minutes to obtain a blockbuster like The Flash.
  • Other prosperous nations like Singapore and Switzerland observe carefully behind in phrases of areas with the world’s highest web speeds.
  • Cuba ranks as the nation with the slowest web velocity, however initiatives are underway to enhance the nation’s connectivity.
  • What does the way forward for Wi-Fi speeds seem like? Find out.
  • Bonus part: As we countdown to the upcoming launch of The Flash 2023 on June 16, we glance again at the iconic scarlet superhero over the years. 

The Flash, the new film about one in all DC Universe’s most beloved superheroes, is about to grace cinemas on June 16, earlier than making its method to Max (a brand new, merged service between HBO Max and Discovery+) in the fall of 2023. With a runtime of two hours and half-hour, followers can’t wait to witness the newest chapter in the superhero’s journey. 

But for individuals who wish to stream or obtain the film from wherever, with the assist of a VPN obtain, or, certainly, any superhero blockbuster—web velocity will play an element in deciding how pleasing the expertise is. And a big a part of that velocity is tied to the place in the world they’re situated.

To mark the launch of The Flash, ExpressVPN delved into the jurisdictions with the quickest and slowest web speeds and calculated how lengthy it could take somebody in these areas to obtain the film in 4K Ultra HD for offline viewing on streaming platforms when it hits the small display. Our findings might shock you…

10 areas with the quickest web speeds

The web has turn out to be an integral a part of our lives. With over 5.16 billion customers worldwide, it’s clear that folks depend upon it to hold out day by day duties.

In at the moment’s fast-paced world, quicker web speeds are coveted, permitting customers to simply entry info, carry out on-line actions, and compensate for their favourite exhibits (or obtain them to look at later) on streaming platforms like Netflix and Max. However, not everybody has equal entry to high-speed web. 

To put this into perspective, try our infographic beneath:

internet-speed-map (1)

Affluent areas have the quickest web speeds

Unsurprisingly, locations with stronger economies and extra developed infrastructure usually have quicker web speeds. For instance, Monaco tops the checklist with the highest common obtain velocity and GDP per capita. In 2022, the city-state was estimated to be price a staggering 204,190 USD per capita by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Using an estimate that The Flash film—which runs for two hours and half-hour—in 4K Ultra HD would have a file dimension of about 17.5GB, our evaluation signifies that you possibly can totally obtain the movie for offline viewing in Monaco in simply over 7 minutes, due to the area’s common obtain velocity of 319.59 Mbps. 

        Ranking  Jurisdiction Speed (Mbps) Time it could take to obtain a  film like The Flash for offline viewing
Monaco 319.59  7 minutes 18 seconds 2. Singapore 300.83  7 minutes 45 seconds 3. Chile 298.5 7 minutes 49 seconds 4. Hong Kong 292.21  7 minutes 59 seconds 5. Mainland China 280.01  8 minutes 20 seconds 6. Switzerland 279.8 8 minutes 20 seconds 7. France 271.33 8 minutes 36 seconds 8. Denmark 270.27 8 minutes 38 seconds 9. Romania 260.97 8 minutes 56 seconds 10. Thailand 260.54 8 minutes 57 seconds


Singapore, Switzerland, and Denmark are amongst the nations that made our checklist of areas with the quickest web speeds. As anticipated, they had been additionally amongst the high 10 locations with the highest GDP per capita in 2022.

Viewers in every nation might take pleasure in a seamless viewing expertise of blockbusters like The Flash 2023, due to their spectacular obtain speeds. It would take them roughly 7 and a half to eight and a half minutes to obtain a film of an analogous dimension for offline viewing in 4K Ultra HD high quality.

However, whereas GDP is undoubtedly essential in bettering a rustic’s infrastructure and web speeds, it’s not the just one. Chile, for instance, ranks third on our checklist of nations with the quickest web speeds regardless of having a GDP per capita of 15,158 USD. The Chilean authorities has taken a number of initiatives to advertise web entry and enhance connectivity with fiber optic cables, persistently resulting in excessive web speeds all through the nation.

Which international locations have the slowest web speeds?

As we discover the quickest and slowest web speeds in the world, we’re reminded that entry to dependable web remains to be a luxurious for a lot of. While the quickest international locations are typically these with thriving economies and infrastructure, poorer nations—and people embroiled in battle—usually face challenges when investing in the newest applied sciences.

        Ranking  Jurisdictions  Speed (Mbps) Time it could take to obtain a film like The Flash for offline viewing 1. Cuba 7.21 5 hours 23 minutes 37 seconds 2 Turkmenistan 8.84 4 hours 23 minutes 57 seconds 3. Afghanistan 9.28 4 hours 11 minutes 26 seconds 4. Burundi 9.62 4 hours 2 minutes 33 seconds 5. The Gambia 10.63 3 hours 39 minutes 30 seconds 6. Syria 11.06 3 hours half-hour 58 seconds 7. Sudan 11.34 3 hours 25 minutes 45 seconds 8. Yemen 11.44 3 hours 23 minutes 57 seconds 9. Mozambique 11.51 3 hours 22 minutes 43 seconds 10. Tunisia 11.88 3 hours 16 minutes 24 seconds


Looking towards the future, there’s a glimmer of hope for even the slowest international locations on our checklist, akin to Cuba. It would take viewers on the island nation near 5 and a half hours to completely obtain a film like The Flash as a result of sluggish web speeds. However, progress is being made as Google lately collaborated with the Cuban authorities to enhance connectivity with fiber optic cables. As a end result, Cuba now has a  71.1% web penetration charge, signaling vital enchancment.  

Encouragingly, there are additionally indicators of progress in many African nations concerning web speeds. Countries like Mozambique have seen vital enhancements in current years thanks to varied initiatives to enhance connectivity—like Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite tv for pc. As entry to high-speed web turns into extra widespread, the potential for innovation and progress in these areas is actually promising.

The way forward for web speeds: Wi-Fi 7

As we’ve seen, the period of time it could take to hypothetically obtain The Flash has been a helpful comparability to assist illustrate simply how diverse web speeds are relying on location. It’s additionally reminder that the web has come a good distance since its inception. 

With the newest era of Wi-Fi expertise, Wi-Fi 7, we’re speeds as much as 4 occasions quicker than Wi-Fi 6E (the title for units that function in the 6GHz band). This will permit folks with entry to Wi-Fi 7 to simply obtain and add giant information, stream high-quality movies with out buffering, and join a number of units concurrently.

evolution-of-wi-fi (1)

However, it’s essential to do not forget that these developments might inadvertently widen the digital divide between totally different demographics and areas. While some components of the world are geared up to deal with these adjustments, others might battle as a result of a scarcity of assets and infrastructure. 

That mentioned, worldwide partnerships can assist bridge this hole—as we’ve seen with Starlink in Africa and Google’s collaboration with the Cuban authorities—to enhance web connectivity. With these partnerships and continued developments, we might quickly see the day the place a single film obtain time is now not a helpful comparability to the world’s web speeds.

Slow web speeds? Try these 8 suggestions

Whether you’re in a area with blazing-fast web or one in all the slowest, there are all the time methods to optimize your on-line expertise. For these of us who don’t have superpowers, listed here are some sensible suggestions that will help you optimize your web connection, irrespective of the place you might be in the world:

1. Reboot your router: 

Rebooting your router can resolve non permanent points affecting your web connection and velocity. To do that safely, flip off your router, unplug it from its energy supply, wait at the very least 30 seconds, then plug it again in and switch it again on. 

2. Change the place of your router

Placing your router in a central location and away from partitions and obstructions can enhance your Wi-Fi protection. Also, think about using a Wi-Fi extender or mesh system to increase your protection.

3. Upgrade your router

Upgrading to a extra highly effective router can enhance your sign and prevent the problem of staying close to your router for connection.

4. Limit the variety of related units 

Too many related units, streaming, gaming, and video calls can decelerate the web velocity. Disconnect resource-heavy packages like software program updaters, webcams, or good audio system enjoying music to enhance velocity.

5. Use an Ethernet cable 

Connecting your gadget with an Ethernet cable quite than Wi-Fi will probably present a quicker, extra secure connection. 

6. Check for throttling

Using a VPN can masks your on-line actions, making it tougher in your ISP to establish and throttle particular varieties of visitors—particularly streaming and media downloads. No throttling means quicker speeds.

7. Upgrade your plan

Check your ISP’s web site for the actual bandwidth and velocity inclusions in your month-to-month plan. Consider upgrading to a higher-speed plan in case your outcomes are nonetheless too sluggish.

8. Run antivirus scans

Regular antivirus scans can assist detect and take away malware or nuisance are that might devour your bandwidth. Consider a manufacturing unit reset for units that behave unusually and might’t appear mounted.

Bonus: The evolution of The Flash

First launched in the Nineteen Forties, The Flash’s evolution from school soccer star to forensic scientist superhero has captivated generations of comedian ebook followers. We’ve whizzed again in time to chart The Flash’s transformation from then to now.


the-flash-then-and-now (3)

The Flash film 2023: What to count on

Throughout the historical past of DC Comics, The Flash has undergone many thrilling transformations. Starting with Jay Garrick’s iconic helmet, the character has developed by means of totally different variations—akin to Barry Allen and Wally West—to match the altering occasions and preferences of comedian ebook readers.

The extremely anticipated The Flash film, directed by Andrés Muschietti, will stay trustworthy to the comics by that includes Flashpoint, a vital storyline in the lifetime of the Scarlet Speedster. Fans of DC superheroes are thrilled that Michael Keaton is reprising his position as Batman for the movie, whereas Sasha Calle makes her debut as Supergirl.

The Flash film will velocity into theaters worldwide on June 16, 2023, and will probably be out there for streaming on Max in the fall of 2023.

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